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●  Product Name:Biomass bet maker online Machine,handball-usha

●  Type:Flat Die,legal-cricket-betting-sites-in-usa

●  Model:SZLP350/450/550/800,blackjack-charts

casumo-casino-real,●  Power:30/45/55/160kw

live-betting-rates,●  Capacity:0.3-0.5/0.5-0.7/0.7-0.9/4-5t/h

tennis-elbow-treatment-tens-machine,●  bet maker online Size:6-12mm

●  Weight:1.2-9.6t,casino-slots-game


wood pellet production line1141

football-tomorrow-time,Biomass mainly includes wood and agricultural byproducts. Transforming them into biofuel not only protects environment but also take full advantage of resource. People around the world advocate renewable enegy.

Raw materia:

online-soccer-manager-best-formation-and-tactics,Wood log,wood branches,wood board,wood shavings or woo sawdust, wheat straw,corn straw,cotton stalk,all kinds of agricultrural waste,rice,wheat,soybean,grass,alfalfa etc.

Animal Feed Processing Machine for Poultry Feed (1) (1)


Making all kinds biomass waste sawdust into wood pellet.
Making all kinds of cereal and grass related sawdust into animal feed pellet.
Compressing all the agricutural waste, animal waste into organic fertilizer pellet.

wood pellet production line1141

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