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Yangxin a set of biomass pellet machine production line equipment debugging success


casumo-casino-real,The raw material is kitchen waste, with an annual output of 8000 tons. Biomass fuel is produced by physical extrusion of granulator without adding any chemical raw materials, which can greatly reduce carbon dioxide emissions and is nearly half cheaper than the price of traditional coal. Now the county’s share of clean heating has reached about 90%.



Yangxin County, as a typical model demonstration base of rural clean heating in the north of China and a pilot county of biomass energy promotion and application in Shandong Province, is the only county in China that has been selected into the collection of typical cases of winter clean heating in the north for two consecutive years in 2019 and 2020.
Combined with the actual situation of the main body of the transformation, Yangxin County explored and implemented three modes of “biomass briquette fuel + special stove decentralized heating, biomass briquette fuel + boiler unit distributed heating, biomass cogeneration central heating”, namely, the implementation of cogeneration central heating in the county urban area, some township offices and villages; In schools, hospitals, homes for the aged and other public places and some villages where conditions permit, “biomass briquette fuel + boiler unit distributed heating” will be promoted; Other villages with poor basic conditions adopt “biomass briquette fuel + special stoves for decentralized heating”.


Yangxin County has developed a new way of clean heating according to local conditions.
At present, Yangxin County has built 6 biomass pellet fuel enterprises, 1 recycling project of cow dung briquette fuel resources with an annual production capacity of 50000 tons, and 1 30 MW cogeneration project of two furnaces and two machines, which can meet the biomass fuel demand of three towns at the same time; More than 76000 households have completed biomass clean heating transformation.

Post time: Jul-07-2021


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