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How much time do I need to spend trading on Betfair? Cricket traders will usually spend 6-10 hours a day working. This can vary depending on the quality of the matches that day. There are a few days in the year where not much cricket it on, so cricket traders tend to take their holidays and time off during these periods. When are the big events on?

Trading Cricket on Betfair

Trading Test cricket on Betfair (or on a betting exchange) can be very profitable just from trading price movements. For example, if you have a £100.00 betting bank, it is fairly easy to win £3.00 to £5.00 a Test match as a bare minimum, and this is just by trading one to two tick price movements at a time. Ok, so this method is a slow burner, in fact it can be a very slow burner depending on how cautious you wish to be, but if done correctly with plenty of patience and discipline it is a ...

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T20 Betfair Cricket Trading Strategies | Betfair Trading ...

This post has been adapted from cricket trading legend Richard Futter's sound advice he has shared with us recently. As members know Richard is one of the founding fathers of Betfair trading and although he doesn't covet the spotlight, we are very fortunate to have him as a member who shares in our community. Enjoy!

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Betfair's new cricket line markets have been specially set up so that a sort of 'par score' (the line) is decided for a particular set of overs.

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Cricket Trading on Betfair is one of the fastest ways you can learn how the Exchange works and how to use Third Party Tools. Cricket is one of the best sports to bet and trade on. Sports with higher scores (think cricket vs soccer) are much more conducive to trading. Whether it’s T20 cricket or traditional Test matches, there are constant opportunities to move in and out of betting positions.

How to Trade Cricket Matches With Betfair

Step One. So the first step to trading cricket matches on Betfair is to find an upcoming cricket match and check out the odds. So there’s a big match happening on Sunday which is between South Africa and India and you can see from the image below that South Africa are favourites with odds of 1.57 to back and 1.6 to lay while India are underdogs with odds of 2.66 to back and 2.76 to lay.

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Generally, when trading on Betfair, we are looking to get in and out very quickly in cricket markets – especially T-20 games, where the odds can change very quickly. This is why we need as fast a live feed as possible! 1. So, we are looking for events which swing the market – wickets and boundaries. 2.

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Cricket Trading is hard to master but can pay dividends in the long run. Cricket is one of the most volatile sports on the Exchange. One wicket or boundary can completely change the odds, giving great opportunities to trade. Learn about the basics of Cricket Trading on the Betfair Hub.