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Each Way Bet Calculator - Quickly Work Out Your Return

Double bet calculator - For an each way wager with 2 selections, use this calculator. Please be sure to manually select the Each Way option from the dropdown box. Both selections must at least place to gain a return. Treble bet calculator - Combine 3 selections into an each way treble and calculate the returns with this calculator.

Double Bet Calculator, Work Out Your Win and Each Way Double ...

The EW double is 2 separate bets, your being on both selections to, but your betting on both selection to be placed also, that’s why it costs twice as much to put on than than a standard double i.e a £10 each way double costs £20. Example of each way double bet calculation. £10 EW double = £20. 1 x winner and

Double Bet Calculator - Quickly Work Out Your Return

Learn about the composition, how its returns are calculated, useful pieces of information and tips on how to improve returns. Treble bet calculator - Work out a 3 selection treble bet using this calculator. More risky than the double but with bigger winnings should all selections win. Also supports permed trebles (trebles from 4, trebles from 5 ...

Double Calculator, Work Out Win & Each Way Double Bets

Double Calculator, Work Out Win & Each Way Double Bets Just enter the prices in the double bet calculator above and hit “calculate” to see how much you have won. The double is one of the most popular bets in the UK and the one which bookies hate the most.

Double Bet Calculator - The quick way to calculate Double bets

The Double Bet Calculator allows you to calculate the stake, return and profit for Doubles, permed from up to 20 selections if required, with the same comprehensive range of options available to the Free Bet Calculator.

Each Way Bet Calculator | Work Out Your Return | OddsMonkey

Each Way Bet Calculation. When placing an each way bet it’s not always clear what your return is going to be. With an each way bet we are actually placing 2 seperate bets. 1 bet on the win and 1 bet on the place. Let’s use a horse race as an example. If our horse wins we win both the win part and the place part.

Each-Way Bet Calculator | Calculate Your Return | Bet Types

The sure way to calculate an each-way bet is to use our each-way calculator above. An each-way bet combines two single bets; a win bet and a place bet. The cost of an each-way bet is twice that of your bet amount, as two bets are placed. The winning return depends on whether or not the bet wins, places or loses. It is also possible for the bet to be void and the stake returned. Our each-way calculator allows for dead heats and Rule 4 deductions.

Double Bet Calculator | Calculate Your Doubles | Bet Types

Pari-mutuel double bet. We can calculate the cost of a pari-mutuel double bet like a Daily Double or a Running Double by multiplying the number of selections in each leg. The winning return is determined by dividing the total betting pool by the number of correct betting units.

Each Way Doubles Staking Plan - Professional Racing Tips

The Each Way Double Plan is fairly popular, and has been pushed to prominance by some well-known tipsters - in fact, some tipsters use this plan as their sole means of producing a profit. The plan, and the tips are somewhat linked, as you need to have 2 tips per day, (thus making the Double) and you back the tips with an Each-Way Double.