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The Basic Soccer Rules are as Simple as How To Play Soccer.

GOAL: In the basic soccer rules the point of the game is to get the ball in the opposing teams goal and the team with the most goals after the specified time is the winner. The ball must cross the goal line to be a goal.

The 17 Soccer Rules Explained (Laws of the Game)

Soccer Rules. Rule #1 - The Field of Play. Rule #2 - The Ball. Rule #3 - The Number of Players. Rule #4 - The Player’s Equipment. Rule #5 - The Referee. Rule #6 - The Assistant Referees. Rule #7 - The Duration of the Match. Rule #8 - The Start and Restart of Play.

Here’s the short and simple soccer rules you need to know as ...

You may be confused at times in youth soccer games to see a goal kick retaken. This is because the FIFA soccer rules state that the ball is not back “in play” until it leaves the penalty area, the large box outside of the “goalie box”. No one can touch the ball until it leaves the penalty area, and if the ball is not kicked properly

The New Zealand men's football team have warmed up for their ...

The New Zealand men's football team have warmed up for their international friendly against The Gambia with a 2-1 win over Algeria A in Dubai There were a number of changes from last month's win ...

New Zealand set to ease Covid restrictions and end lockdowns ...

New Zealand enforced some of the tightest pandemic restrictions among OECD nations that has helped limit the spread of Covid-19 so far and helped the economy bounce back faster than many of its peers.

Easing of New Zealand Covid rules could lead to summer crisis ...

Those caught breaking the rules could face a NZ$1,000 fine. Vaccine passports, which were made available on Wednesday, will be required when boarding a domestic flight, and on the inter-island ...

The All Whites next opponent will come ... - home.nzcity.co.nz

New Zealand will face Gambia in Abu Dhabi on November 17. Gambia are ranked 147th in the world, while the All Whites are 111th. >> More Soccer News